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This listing is for a starter / valve assembly.

  • Make: Metal Work (Metalwork)
  • Model / Part #: APR-300 (APR300)
  • Description: Progressive Starter
  • Includes all/only items pictured.

Here is some information from the manufacturer...

The job of the progressive starter is to feed air into the circuit gradually with controlled flow. It comes in two versions with solenoid or pneumatic actuation.

Both control signals cause the valve to open, which allows the air controlled by the flow regulator to flow slowly towards the downstream circuit. In the APR, when the pressure in the downstream circuit reaches 50%-60% of the upstream pressure, the valve opens the main inlet duct connecting it directly to the output duct. This supplies the circuit with the maximum pressure and flow rate available upstream.  The time elapsing between starting and opening the valve can be adjusted via the built-in flow regulator.

If it is necessary to relieve the downstream circuit quickly, merely operate the control valve which cuts off air flow in the pipe. This closes the valve and starts relieving the downstream circuit.

The progressive starter acts both as an actuator positioner, which eliminates the risk of sudden kickback, and as a safety valve that relieves the circuit quickly when the remote control is operated.


  • Threaded port:
  • Min. inlet pressure: 0.4MPa - 4bar - 58psi
  • Max. inlet pressure: 1.3MPa - 13bar - 188.5psi
  • Flow rate at 6 bar (0.6 MPa-87 psi) Nl/min: 2400
  • ΔP 0.5 bar (0.05 MPa – 7 psi) scfm: 85
  • Flow rate at 6 bar (0.6 MPa-87 psi) Nl/min: 3600
  • ΔP 1 bar (0.1 MPa – 14 psi) scfm: 127
  • Fluid: Filtered, lubricated or unlubricated compressed air. Lubrication, if used, must be continuous
  • Max temperature °C: 50
  • Max temperature °F: 122
  • Weight Kg: ~ 1.5
  • Wall fixing screws: M5 x 70
  • Mounting: In any position
  • Type of control: CNOMO Solenoid, Microsal solenoid, pneumatic

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